We develop e-learning that works - at a reasonable price.


Full service e-learning provider

  • Your target audience learns what they need to – without being bored to death.
  • The technology works – without you having to struggle with it.
  • A simple process gives you overview and high quality – without you having to spend too much time on it.
  • You have full control and ownership over the content.
  • (Bonus: We can teach you to create e-learning yourself - if you're interested.)

We also tick the boxes for LMS and SCORM, if you need it.

Below you will find links to more information about our products and services.

Elearning Development Services

Get tailor-made elearning, and train employees more efficiently!

We create elearning for you based on the latest research and knowledge in learning, supplemented with our 20 years of experience in elearning and digital learning.

Elearning courses

Learn digital learning development quickly - we teach you how to create engaging and motivating elearning experiences.

We have created 4 packages for you, whether you want to start developing e-learning, or you're already creating e-learning and want to get better at it.

Choose the package or packages that suit your needs.

Articulate Storyline template

Development of a tailor-made Articulate Storyline template.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel every time e-learning needs to be produced. We can create Articulate StoryLine templates for you, which both makes it easier for you to develop, and at the same time ensures that the e-learning that you and your colleagues develop fits with your company's style guide.

SCORM Elearning consulting

Can we assist you with your SCORM challenge?

We have worked with the more technical aspects of e-learning for over 20 years. We have a deep technical understanding of SCORM and can certainly help you if you have a task that needs to be solved involving SCORM.

Other learning services

Over the past 20 years, we have solved a range of tasks that fall outside what one might call the normal range within e-learning in businesses.

What they all have in common is that they are about learning, and we have combined pedagogy with business understanding - to create solutions that are a bit out of the ordinary. Some solutions have been classroom teaching, others blended learning, and some have been digital learning.

Articulate Rise course

Learn to create professional elearning courses with the Articulate Rise Introduction course. Get access to Rise's intuitive interface and powerful features. Sign up now and start creating beautiful courses.

Vyond course

Learn to create professional animation videos with Vyond course at Elearningspecialist. Create engaging explainer videos & enhance presentations.

Articulate Storyline course

Create interactive and engaging elearning courses with our Articulate Storyline course. Get started with developing your first elearning module.

Articulate 360 course

Create effective and engaging elarning courses with the Articulate 360 Suite on our two-day course. Get started with the world's best elearning tools.

Course in didactics

Learn to design effective learning with our (digital) didactics course. Create the best conditions for learning by managing attention and motivation among recipients.

Elearning Production Course

Elearning Production Course: Learn the A-Z process, including writing learning objectives, storyboarding, creating test questions, visualizing messages, and identifying target audiences. Hands-on case work with guidance.