"We were looking for an e-learning platform that would meet our basic needs for distributing and tracking e-learning, be easy for users to use and easy to manage.

We looked at several other systems and chose Activate LMS because it met our requirements and can help keep our employees at a high level of education.

Activate LMS has helped make the parts of our basic education that do not require the presence of instructors significantly more flexible and therefore able to complete education 24/7."


Metro Service bruger Activate LMS Learning Managerment System 

Erling Krog, Training Manager, Metro Service.


What do you need an LMS for?

Let's be honest: LMS, or Learning Management System, may not be the most exciting topic in the world. But it's important. If you want e-learning that is easy to distribute to users and easy to manage, an LMS is essential


We are of the clear opinion that there is no one in the whole universe who wants to spend time managing e-learning if they can avoid it.


At least we don't.


That's why we've designed our Learning Management System, Activate LMS, so that we - and our customers - spend minimal time on e-learning administration.

This means that this happens - completely automatically:

  • Automatic creation, editing, and deletion of users.
  • Automatic assignment of e-learning courses based on users' organization and/or job function.
  • Automatic sending of emails with course certificates, information about new courses, or reminders if a user has missed a deadline.
  • Automatic registration and reporting of users' results.

There are many other functions that can run - you guessed it - completely automatically.

We have created solutions that have been running for several years without anyone having to attend to them.

Do you want to see an online demo? Give us a call.



”At Saville Consulting, we were looking for an LMS provider and chose Activate LMS and Tomas from Elearningspecialist - a choice we are extremely satisfied with!

From the beginning of our collaboration, Tomas showed a basic curiosity about our needs and context while radiating a deep sincerity in and around e-learning as a field of expertise.

Throughout our process, we have experienced a towering level of service, where we - and our business context - have been at the center, making Tomas an invaluable and professionally strong sparring partner.

The collaboration - and the sparring - with Tomas has been characterized by his didactic understanding both in terms of decisions in the development of our e-learning content and the technical setup of Activate LMS.

For any company that wants to work with e-learning in a thorough and qualified way, we can highly recommend Tomas as a collaborator.

Saville Consulting bruger Activate LMS - Learning Managerment System

Mattis Noot Ishøy, Saville Consulting Danmark.


Checkmark the important but slightly boring

Some things are best when they are fancy and catch the eye. Other things are best when you don't have to think about them. Reliability is one of those things - it's just some technical stuff in the background that needs to work. So let's just check some of the things you probably want answers to now. (Sorry, it's going to get a little technical)

  • Learning Management System that works on mobile, tablet, and computer.
  • SCORMcompatible and therefore works well with content produced with Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Adobe Captivate, and pre-produced content from, for example, Golearn.
  • Hosted cloud LMS that stores data in the cloud - and there is control over everything related to personal data and GDPR.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a list of frequently asked questions - you can often find answers to the more technical questions there. That way, we avoid it getting too technical with terms like SCORM along the way.




LMS at a reasonable price

There are plenty of e-learning platforms in the world, and many of them offer more than most people need. This can make it a difficult and expensive process to choose an LMS, and they can become difficult to work with.

Activate LMS is designed to be easy to use and affordable, without any unnecessary features.

We offer a reasonable price and special prices for companies with specific needs - see our price list.




What is SCORM and why is it important?

SCORM is an e-learning standard that ensures your e-learning is "plug and play," meaning you can move it from one LMS to another and buy standard courses. A significant advantage of SCORM is that it reduces vendor dependence and the risk of choosing the wrong provider. Activate LMS is a SCORM-compatible LMS that supports both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.


How does an LMS work?

In an LMS, you can upload e-learning modules, send messages to users, and determine whether an e-learning course is mandatory or voluntary for employees. You can also combine multiple e-learning modules into e-learning courses, grouping and possibly reusing the same courses for different groups. You can also decide whether it should be automatically assigned to groups of users and more.

When you have set up the e-learning content in Activate LMS, the most common method is for employees to receive an email notifying them that e-learning is available, after which the employee logs onto LMS via their smartphone, tablet or computer and completes the course.

As employees work with e-learning, LMS saves various information, such as their answers to questions and how long they have spent. This is called tracking. Tracking also ensures that employees can resume learning where they left off in the e-learning course.

You can also generate reports on which employees have completed e-learning and send reminders to those who are not yet finished. If you do not want the system to do this for you entirely automatically.



LMS support is included in the price.

Activate LMS is easy to use, but when it comes to advanced features, it can be confusing if you are not using them all the time.

Therefore, free superuser support is provided to our customers. We believe this is the most reasonable approach. It's our platform, and it should work for all our customers, all the time.

It keeps us on our toes. Therefore, we have done everything technically possible to remove any sources of support.

  • Users encounter a simple and user-friendly platform - in their own language. We support a wide range of languages: Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Polish, Chinese, Arabic (UAE), Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish, with the possibility of getting more languages.
  • Servers are always updated and secure.
  • We log everything in the system, making it easy to find errors and solve them quickly.
  • We are SCORM ninjas, so we have a handle on the technical aspects.


Maybe you're thinking, "I just want someone to fix it all for me"?

Then you have come to the right place.

  1. We offer end-user support via email. (But don't worry, we won't spam you. We provide end-user support for large corporations with thousands of users, and their support needs are minimal).
  2. We also offer what we call LMS Total Service, which means we take care of everything, so you don't have to deal with either technology or administration. LMS Total Service is for those who don't have the time or desire to spend time on learning management, i.e., setting up and administering LMS, uploading content, setting up emails, running campaigns, configuring reports, etc.




”We chose Activate LMS primarily because it covered most of our needs in delivering structured and automated e-learning campaigns with clear reports to our customers. We also placed emphasis on Activate LMS having excellent support for content in multiple languages.

On the few parameters where we couldn't quite get what we were looking for, ElearningSpecialist has been proactive and honest from day one. Together, we have worked closely to address these needs and develop the solution.

Christian Nedergaard Christensen

Christian Nedergaard Christensen, Head of Security Awareness Education, Dubex A/S.


Want us to help you too? 




Tell me something good. Killer features.

As mentioned, there are a sea of e-learning platforms in the world. But in addition to distribution, tracking, and reporting of e-learning, what makes Activate LMS special?

Automatic language adaptation.

In Activate LMS, you can upload different SCORM packages to the SAME module and simply indicate that one SCORM package is in, for example, English, another in German, a third in Chinese, and so on. This also has the advantage that content-wise, you can have different versions depending on the language.

In most other LMS's, the need to have content in multiple languages is usually addressed by developing a SCORM package containing multiple languages (expensive), or by developing many SCORM packages and uploading them as independent modules. The disadvantage of the latter is that it often involves administrative hassle, as you have to assign the right modules to the right people, but also have to pull reports from many different modules.

Easy updating of course content after publication with "external" SCORM packages.

External SCORM packages are a feature where your e-learning modules are in Activate LMS but run and tracked in the customer's own LMS. The customer's users cannot see that the content is actually in Activate LMS. This gives you two advantages:

  • Easier content updates.
    If you need to update your e-learning modules, this is only done in Activate LMS and you do not need to send anything to your customer.
  • Better protection of your IP rights.
    If you want to close a customer's access to your content, you can simply do it in Activate LMS.


Have multiple customers on the same platform.

Activate LMS makes it easy for you, who want to sell e-learning to many companies and want to manage everything in the same platform. You can give each customer an experience that the platform is theirs with their own logo, etc.

Book an online demo. 




Yes, it takes about 30 minutes in an online meeting. Contact us to make an appointment. Afterwards, you can get a demo access so you can test Activate LMS yourself.

Yes. You can distribute your compliance e-learning and documents in Activate LMS, provide automatic follow-up to ensure that users complete the training, and generate reports that document compliance. 

In Microsoft Azure. Data is located in a data center in Holland.

Basically, we support distribution and tracking of e-learning, automatic updates, and reporting.

You can find a more detailed list of features here: https://activatelms.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200366341-Basic-feature-overview

SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. 

Users can be created in four different ways. The different methods can be combined.

Users can be created…

  1. automatically via synchronization from e.g. AD.
  2. via a spreadsheet/CSV file. This is especially smart if there are many users.
  3. manually by people with the necessary rights.
  4. Finally, users can be allowed to sign up themselves. This is especially smart if there are external employees, e.g. suppliers.

Yes. Users can be allowed to sign up themselves. Many of our customers use it for external users of the system, e.g. suppliers.

You can, among other things, see:

  • Not started, in progress, completed, passed, failed.
  • Users' answers to questions.
  • How long the user spent on an e-learning course. 

Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Polish, Chinese, Arabic (UAE), Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish with the possibility of getting more languages.

No. We do not believe in gamified learning platforms (and science agrees with us). Boring content does not become exciting because you get on a high score list in an LMS. We believe strongly in using games together with learning, and we would love to help develop gamified e-learning content. We think the e-learning platform should focus on meeting users at eye level - and on being easy to use. 

Yes. Our platform is delivered exclusively as a service (SAAS stands for Software as a service). This means that you do not have to deal with installation, operation, and maintenance.

Yes. Our platform is delivered exclusively as a cloud solution. 

No. Our system is solely a digital learning platform that can only be used for online learning. One could say that it is exclusively an e-learning management system. However, we plan to develop our LMS to also support traditional analog instruction with teachers, students, classrooms, and everything else.

t is possible to create quizzes and tests, but for actual e-learning courses, we recommend using Articulate Storyline or Articulate Rise together with our system. 

No, for school use we would recommend Canvas LMS or Moodle. (But of course, there are other learning management systems available.)

No. Use Teams, Skype, GotoMeeting, Zoom, or similar instead. 

Yes. Activate LMS can do many of the same things as Eloomi, but it is much cheaper.

Activate LMS supports most newer mobile devices (iPhone, Android, etc.), tablets (iPad and Android), and regular computers (Windows and MacOS). Activate LMS supports mobile learning both as responsive content (such as made with Articulate Rise) and as scaled content developed with Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate. 

Yes. Activate LMS can be set up to communicate with your webshop where you take care of payment, etc. After you have received the payment, you can give the user access to the e-learning they have purchased via the Activate LMS API. It is sold as customization - contact us for a quote.

Is your question missing?

Oops! Send us an email, and we'll fix it.