Articulate Storyline course: Learn to create elearning with Articulate Storylinee

At Elearningspecialist, we love Articulate Storyline. With Articulate Storyline, it's super easy to create elearning where audio, images, text, video, animations, quizzes, etc. work together to best support learning. We've been working with Articulate Storyline since its first version came out in 2012 and we're happy to share our experiences with you.

What can you expect to learn?

During the course, you'll get an introduction to Articulate Storyline and learn how to use it to develop interactive and engaging elearning courses.

We'll cover how to work with different media formats such as text, images, audio, video, and animations. We'll also show you how to create quizzes and certificates, as well as how to publish and share your elearning courses on LMS and the web.

Along the way, you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice developing elearning and ask questions. You can work on projects that you're already planning to start after the course. This way, you'll learn how to create elearning and get started developing your first elearning module. And of course, you'll have an experienced expert at hand if you have any questions.

We'll also help you with LMS and SCORM settings in Articulate Storyline, so you'll have it all sorted out once and for all.

You'll also receive tips and tricks to improve the user experience, so your colleagues and students will enjoy taking your elearning courses.

As an extra bonus, each of our courses includes a Q&A session - via Teams. It can be used for teaching, support, or for us to develop something difficult for you. For corporate courses, you decide when to use the time, for individual courses, the time will be announced before you sign up.

"The elearning development course was an eye-opener for me. Before the course, I thought that developing elearning would be a long and complicated process, but thanks to this course, I now have the opportunity to educate my employees in a much more flexible and efficient way.

The biggest "aha" moment for me was how easy it is to create elearning. I thought it would require a lot of technical knowledge, but it turned out to be incredibly simple.

The course has given me tools to create structure and overview in my elearning projects and has helped me limit myself and focus on what is most important for the recipients.

I was originally a bit worried that the course would be too theoretical, but it included plenty of concrete examples, tips and tricks, and opportunities to try things out for myself.

Just two weeks after the course, I completed my first elearning module and shared it with my employees. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to educate their employees with the flexibility that elearning offers. The course combines both the practical part with Articulate Storyline and the theoretical part about course design to ensure that recipients get the most out of the material."

Claus Helskov

Teamleder, Aarsleff.


(We put together a two-day course for Claus, which consisted of one day of our Articulate Storyline course and one day with a mix of our "Course in (digital) didactics - Learn to design good digital learning" and "Course in Elearning production".)

"Yay, it worked! 😃 It's really a great way to get answers to your questions. Thank you!"

Email from Denise, a student in one of our Articulate courses, in response to the follow-up Q&A session included in the price of all courses.



What does it require from you?

To participate in our workshop or course, you need to have the latest version of Articulate Storyline installed (NB. Only works on Windows). You can use the fully functional, but time-limited, demo version of Articulate Storyline in the course.

Who can participate?

Our course is primarily aimed at beginners in elearning, but we can also tailor the content to experienced users of Articulate StoryLine.


What does it cost?

Corporate courses

We offer the Articulate Storyline course as a corporate course. The price for a full-day course is 10,000 DKK excluding VAT, regardless of the number of participants. We recommend a class size of up to 10 people.

You need a classroom available with a projector / screen and internet connection. In addition, you need to set aside a day to participate in the workshop or course.

Contact us to learn more.

Open courses

We also offer the Articulate Storyline course as an open course. Here, we provide catering and facilities. The price for the course is 3,950 DKK ex VAT (4,937.50 DKK incl. VAT) per participant.

We currently have no available seats in our open Storyline courses. Contact us to be notified when we release new seats.


Metro Service, which operates the Copenhagen Metro, had a great start with one of our courses. Four years after we helped them get started with e-learning, they have developed over 80 elearning modules themselves, and digital learning has helped them make their training program significantly more flexible.

Does that sound like something for you?

Yes, I want to learn how to create e-learning.


Interested in other courses?

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Can I buy support from you?

Yes, you certainly can. We love to help solve problems - big and small.

Can you also develop e-learning for me?

Yes, you can read more about it here: Development of tailored elearning.