Elearning Production Course

This one-day course is for those who want a practical understanding of how to develop elearning and digital learning. However, it is not a course where you learn to use a tool to develop elearning.

It is a hands-on course where you will have the opportunity to work on a case that you bring yourself. You will of course also receive guidance from your instructors.

You will learn:

  • How the development process can proceed from start to finish.
  • A method for creating good learning objectives.
  • How to write a storyboard.
  • How to write good test questions.
  • How to define target audiences.
  • The design considerations you need to make before development.
  • Practical Visualization: How to improve the impact of your messages with good texts and visualization.
  • How to use artificial intelligence as a writing tool. This way, with some simple tips, you can become much more productive when producing texts, and get help to do the "boring" groundwork.

We also provide you with a technique that ensures that you only include the information necessary for your courses, so that your recipients do not drown in irrelevant information.

How much does it cost?

Corporate courses

We offer the course as a corporate course. The price for a full-day course is 10,000 DKK excluding VAT, regardless of the number of participants. We recommend a group size of 10 or fewer people.

You need to have a teaching room available with a projector / screen and an internet connection. In addition, you need to set aside a day to attend the workshop or course.

Open courses

We also offer the course as an open course. We provide catering and venues. The price for the course is 3,950 DKK excluding VAT (4,937.50 DKK including VAT) per participant.

We currently have no available seats for our open courses. Contact us to be notified when we release new seats.

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