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Do you need assistance with your SCORM challenge?

We have been dealing with the more technical aspects of e-learning for over 20 years. We have a deep technical understanding of SCORM and can definitely help you if you have a task that involves SCORM.

In short, SCORM is a standard used in e-learning to ensure that you can log what users do when they interact with some e-learning content. SCORM has several advantages, and some disadvantages that are important to know when working with e-learning.

Like most people, you probably don't know what SCORM is, and what it's used for.

We've practiced explaining it for many years, so we can explain it to you - without needing a significant technical background to understand it.

If you want to know more about SCORM, you can  read our Blog article SCORM for Dummies and Busy People.

We typically develop SCORM e-learning using the Articulate Storyline and Articulate Rise tools, but we can also create custom solutions and expand the possibilities of what can be done with SCORM using these tools.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or read more about how we can help you develop SCORM compliant elearning.


"Elearningspecialist is for us a thoroughly fantastic supplier. Quick response and super skilled consultants, who have repeatedly helped us with some of the more convoluted technical challenges related to our e-learning projects. It is always with peace of mind that I contact Tomas - knowing that I will get the best professional help on the market, at a reasonable price and with good communication from start to finish." 

Københavns Kommune

Morten Billcliff, project manager for the Digital Learning Center in Copenhagen Municipality.



Examples of SCORM tasks we have solved

  • Development of SCORM compliant elearning for onboarding, awareness, compliance, work environment and safety, GDPR, and much more.
  • Conversion of video to SCORM.
  • Conversion of other formats, ex PowerPoint or PDF to SCORM.
  • Conversion of flash courses to SCORM. We can often decompile / "open" flash (.swf) files to retrieve graphics, sound, and others. This makes it possible to recreate flash content in a modern authoring tool such as Articulate StoryLine - at a reasonable price.
  • SCORM advice.

Geeky challenges we have also solved

  • Solved problems with SCORM modules that do not work, often without access to source code.
  • Solved problems with SCORM modules that are not marked as completed when expected.
  • Get SCORM 2004 modules to run as SCORM 1.2, and vice versa.
  • Expanded the functionality of existing authoring tools such as Articulate StoryLine. An example could be to save Pdf's from StoryLine or set or retrieve special values via SCORM.
  • Solved problems with content produced in older tools such as Adobe Captivate, Flash, Lectora, ToolBook, or Course builder.
  • Advised LMS operating teams about problems with running content.
  • Acted as SCORM experts for Danish customers in connection with their collaboration with developers in third countries.
  • And much more.

Even though it sounds very technical, we can indeed talk about other than "programmer talk" here in the shop, so give us a call and tell us about your problem.


Content Migration / Conversion Services

If you are facing migrating a larger amount of content, perhaps in connection with a switch to a new e-learning platform, you should continue reading about whether our Content Migration / Conversion Services is something for you.

We have solved many of these types of problems that arise when a company switches from one Learning Management System (LMS) to another. While SCORM content, in principle, should be able to move from one LMS to another, this is not always the case in practice. Unfortunately, it often happens, especially with older content, that companies do not have the original source files, making it particularly difficult to fix problems. We have extensive experience making SCORM packages work without access to the source files.

We have developed tools to optimize the process so that we can quickly and efficiently handle even large volumes of courses. We have had multiple projects with more than 1000 e-learning modules that needed to be tested, prepared, and transferred. We use different types of resources for different tasks; student assistants for testing, slightly more expensive programmers to solve problems, these can escalate to experts when needed. This allows us to keep the price reasonably low. Everything is managed by a skilled project manager who speaks and writes Danish and English. We have developed tools to optimize the process so that we can quickly and efficiently handle even large volumes of courses.

We have helped customers directly, but have also acted as a subcontractor for large global LMS companies.

Here you can see some examples of Content Migration/Conversion Services projects that we have solved:

Customer: Large Danish global corporation

We were responsible for testing and fixing any errors in 50 e-learning modules and uploading them to a newly purchased LMS so the content was ready for LMS Go-Live. We did not have access to the source code. Our experience with similar tasks, our Danish project management, and our system for escalating "difficult" problems meant that we were able to solve the task independently, on time, with high quality and at a reasonable price.

Customer: Mannaz

Conversion"/Remake of 26 e-learning modules divided into 13 Danish and 13 English modules. The content was originally developed in a Flash-based tool, but we converted to Articulate StoryLine and modernized the design and user-friendliness at the same time. Some pages could not be converted to Articulate StoryLine, these were converted to HTML5 and embedded in Articulate StoryLine. In addition to the finished modules, Mannaz also received the source code so that they can update their content in the future themselves.

Customer: Global brewery concern

Preparation and testing of nearly 1000 SCORM modules created with 9 different tools so they could run on a newly purchased LMS platform. All the modules had problems running as they were developed with old versions of e-learning tools. We did not have access to the source code. We have developed scripts that help us optimize such processes. This allowed us to solve the task within 3 months. Solved as a subcontractor for a large global LMS provider.

Customer: Large French bank

Preparation of 102 e-learning modules. None of the modules were SCORM compatible. The task was to "pack the modules into SCORM" and ensure that they worked in the new LMS. We did not have access to the source code. We solved the task in just over a month. Solved as a subcontractor for a large global LMS provider.

"I would say that I have been very impressed by your dedication, your customer sense and your level of technical expertise."

Philippe Audebert, EMEA Account Services Director, Cornerstone OnDemand

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