Vyond course - learn to create professional animated videos in no time

Are you interested in learning how to create engaging and professional animated videos? At Elearningspecialist, we offer a course in Vyond, a powerful tool for creating animated videos.

What can you expect to learn?

During the course, you will learn how to use Vyond to create professional and engaging animated videos, aka "explainer" videos. We will start with an introduction to the tool and go through its various features. We will also show you how to use clipping and mixed media to create videos that stand out from the crowd.

During the course, you will have the opportunity to work on your own topics, and our experienced instructors will customize the course to your needs. You will also receive tips and tricks to improve the user experience and create more effective videos.

What does it require from you?

To participate in our Vyond course, you need access to a computer with an internet connection and a browser, and access to Vyond. There is a free limited-time demo access you can use.

Who can participate?

Our course is aimed at anyone interested in learning how to use Vyond to create animated videos and presentations.


What does it cost?

Corporate courses

We offer the Vyond course as a corporate course. It is offered both as a half-day course where there is an introduction to the tool, and as a full-day course where students have more time to work hands-on to produce their first animated video.

The price for a half-day course is 6,000 DKK. exclusive of VAT. A full-day course costs 10,000 DKK. We recommend a class size of up to 10 people.

You need a classroom available with a projector / screen and internet connection. In addition, you need to set aside a day to attend the workshop or course.

The half-day course can be combined with our Articulate Rise course, making it a full-day course. The price for a full-day corporate course is 10,000 DKK. exclusive of VAT.

Contact us for more information.

Open courses

We offer the Vyond course as an open course where we provide refreshments and facilities. The price for the course is 3,950 DKK. ex VAT (4,937.50 DKK. incl. VAT) per participant.

We currently have no available seats for our open Vyond courses. Contact us to be notified when we release new seats.

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Can I purchase support from you?

Absolutely. We love to help solve both big and small problems.

Can you also develop elearning or animated videos for me?

Yes. Contact us to learn more.