Articulate 360 Suite: A Quick Overview of the Best E-Learning Tools

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If you're looking for a versatile and effective eLearning software, you should consider the Articulate 360 suite. This collection of tools is one of the most popular products on the market for creating interactive eLearning courses. It's also worth mentioning that the company behind it, Articulate, has a strong community and offers great support.

Let's take a quick look at some of the different tools included in the Articulate 360 suite:

Storyline 360: A versatile tool for creating interactive eLearning courses

Storyline 360 is the most widely used product in the Articulate 360 suite. It's easy to use and allows you to create professional eLearning courses in no time. If you're used to working with PowerPoint, you'll easily be able to use Storyline 360. You can create interactive elements in your course, and with the extensive support and community from Articulate, you can easily find answers to any questions. In my opinion, Storyline 360 is the most powerful SCORM authoring tool available on the market. I'm a huge fan.

Rise 360: Create responsive eLearning courses

Rise 360 is a cloud-based platform for creating responsive eLearning courses. It's not as powerful as Storyline 360, but it's still an excellent tool. Rise 360 is easy to use and has a variety of different templates that can help you create professional and engaging courses. In my opinion, Rise is one of the easiest-to-use SCORM authoring tools on the market, and the results are quite nice without needing to be a designer.

Articulate Studio: Unnecessary and cumbersome to work with

Articulate Studio is part of the Articulate 360 suite. It's the predecessor to Articulate Storyline, but in my opinion, it's a bit unnecessary and cumbersome to work with, especially when you already have Storyline 360. If you're used to using Storyline, you'll likely find Articulate Studio somewhat limited and not as user-friendly.

Articulate Replay: Record videos of you and your computerscreen

Articulate Replay 360 makes it easy to record what's happening on your screen while also recording yourself using your computer's webcam. This is ideal for recording a PowerPoint presentation that you want to share online. Replay is easy to work with and has simple editing options, making it quick to create videos of decent quality. While Replay isn't a professional video editing tool and thus doesn't come with the same advanced editing features as professional tools, it's still an excellent choice for creating quick and easy videos. Articulate Replay installs on your computer and works with files locally. The content is published as video in MP4 format, not as SCORM packages, and you can't create interactive content or quizzes with Articulate Replay. However, this isn't the product's intention. You can easily integrate a video you've created with Replay into Storyline or Rise.

Peek: Record and share quick screen videos

Peek is a great tool for recording and sharing quick videos that show how to solve a problem on a computer. It's easy to use, and you can record a video in just a few minutes.

Review: Collaborate and receive feedback from your team

Review is an essential part of the development process when you need feedback from others. Review allows you to share your work with others and receive structured feedback. It makes it easy to collaborate and communicate with others, even when you're working in different locations.


Overall, the Articulate 360 suite is an excellent choice for creating engaging eLearning courses. It has everything you need to create professional courses, and with the integration with SCORM and xAPi, you can easily integrate your content with an LMS. In addition to the various tools in the Articulate 360 suite, it also includes a media library with over 9 million images, icons, and more, which can help you make your content more professional.

Articulate is also known for offering great support and having a strong community where you can get help and advice from other users. They also provide a range of different resources, including videos and tutorials, that can help you learn to use their products more effectively. It is one of the most widely used e-learning software suites in the world, so you won't be alone if you choose it.

If you're looking for an efficient and user-friendly e-learning software, the Articulate 360 suite is definitely a product you should consider.

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