Activate LMS Price List

Here you'll find the price list for Activate LMS - our cloud learning management system.

Annual license

Basic license/year (including the first 100 users)  DKK 12,000
Subsequent intervals, number of users Per user/Year
100-1000 DKK 60
1000-3000 DKK 40
3000-5000 DKK 30
5000+ DKK 25

Price examples Annual price Average price user/month
200 brugere: 12,000 + 100*60 DKK 18,000

DKK 7.50

1500 brugere: 12,000 + 900*60 + 500*40 DKK 86,000  DKK 4.78

A user is defined as a person who can log into the system. Prices apply when billed one year in advance. Payment 3 years in advance 10% discount on the total payment. LMS Support for one admin is included in the price.

Setting up and integrating LMS

Creation, setup, and branding of LMS  DKK 10,000
Optional (Single sign-on user synchronization is not required)  
Single sign-on via ADFS or Azure AD. Setup. DKK 10,000
Single sign-on via ADFS or Azure AD. Operation/year: DKK 5,000
User synchronization with AD or other. Setup. DKK 10,000
User synchronization with AD or other. Operation/year: DKK 5,000

External SCORM packages
(Only relevant for customers who provide SCORM packages to other LMS's) A fee of DKK 15 per user/year is charged regardless of the number of modules. Users in this context do not count as regular users in the LMS and should naturally not be charged beyond this. These "users" will also not affect the number of users in relation to price per user.

All prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK) and exclude VAT.