SCORM consulting

We have worked with the technical aspects of elearning for more than two decades, and have gained a significant expertise in solving a wide range of technical problems related to elearning and SCORM.

Some technical problems we have solved.

  • Problems with SCORM content that does not work, often without having access to the source code.
  • Problems with SCORM content that does not mark as completed when it was expected.
  • Getting SCORM 2004 content to run as SCORM 1.2 and vice versa.
  • Expanded the functionality of authoring tools such as Articulate StoryLine. One example could be to save Pdf files with content from StoryLine or to get or set special SCORM values.
  • Problems with elearning content produced with old versions of authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate, Flash, Lectora, ToolBook or Course builder.
  • Conversion of flash based elearning content to HTML5. Both with and without source code. We can often decompile/”open” flash (.swf) files and fetch the graphics, sounds and other resources. This allows us to recreate the content in a modern authoring tool such as Articulate StoryLine - at a reasonable cost.
  • Provided consulting to LMS operations teams about problems with running SCORM content.

Based on our experience we feel confident that if a technical problem with elearning is solvable, we can solve it.
Contact us if you have a problem you would like us to look at. Initial investigation is free, and we will provide you with quote before we charge you anything.

PS. If you are about to migrate or convert many elearning modules, you should consider if our Content Migration/Conversion Services would be relevant for you.

E-learning conversion and migration services

We have extensive experience with solving technical problems with elearning content on a large scale at a reasonable cost.
Most times such situations arise when an organization changes from one LMS to another, other times problems happen because browsers are updated, or technology is discontinued (flash). And often our clients do not have access to the source files.
We have developed tools which allow us to efficiently handle even very large projects, such as testing fixing and uploading 1000 elearning modules - without having access to the source code.

The process is always handled by a competent and meticulous project manager. While we work internationally and across time zones, all our internal resources are in the same country which streamlines communication and ensures fast delivery time and high quality.

We have helped clients directly but also served as subcontractors for large global LMS vendors.

Here are some examples of Content Migration/Conversion Services projects that we have solved:

Client: Large Multinational company
Responsible for testing and solving problems with 1000 SCORM modules created with legacy versions of 9 different authoring tools. We had no access to the source code. All had problems running in the client new LMS. Due to our tools and experience we were able to deliver the project in just three months and at reasonable cost.

Client: Large Danish global company
Responsible for testing and solving problems in 50 elearning modules prior to go-live of a new Learning Management System. We had no Access to the source-code. We managed the project independently, allowing our client to focus on other issues.

Client: Large French global Company
Responsible for solving problems with 100 e-learning modules which were not SCORM compliant. The task was to make the modules SCORM compliant and to ensure that they worked in a new LMS. We had no Access to the source-code. We were able to deliver the project in just a month.

Client: Mannaz, Danish Consulting Company
Responsible for Conversion/Remake of 26 elearning modules in two languages. The content was originally developed in a flash based authoring tool (Course Builder) and therefore was not supported on tablets. We converted the content to Articulate StoryLine and modernised the look and feel in the same process. Certain features of the existing content could not be translated to Articulate StoryLine, so we recreated them in HTML5 and embedded them. In addition to the completed modules, the client also received the source code for the modules allowing them to perform future updates to the content themselves.

You can read about some of the specific technical problems we have solved in more detail here.

If you want to try fixing the problems yourself the SCORM Runtime reference is a great place to start:  

Another great ressource is SCORM cloud.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you.